Hello, Hej, こんにちは

I'm Inger Sigrun Bredkjær Brodey. Welcome to my messy desk.

I was born in Japan, immigrated with my parents and brothers from Denmark, and live in the United States. As my desk may indicate, I'm a scholar, teacher, author, and public humanist with a penchant for the visual display of information. I'm also a mother of four creative kids and a lover of assorted crafts.

I teach at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, as an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. I also serve as Adjunct Associate Professor in Global Studies, and Affiliate Faculty in Asian Studies. I recently completed five years as Director of the Office of Distinguished Scholarships. Right now I'm on research leave writing a book on Jane Austen's endings.

On the side, I also run a couple of Jane Austen-related non-profit organizations. Come to one of our events and meet me there (or leave a virtual sticky note on my desk).



Race and Regency.webp

Through the pandemic, I've cohosted dozens of free Zoom webinars with Jane Austen & Co. Our current series is Asia and the Regency. See also Race & the Regency and  Staying Home with Jane Austen >


Congrats to my student Talitha Moniz Macmillon on her award as a young filmmaker! Talitha made the film for my Jane Austen class. Watch her film here.


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