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The Philosophy of War Films

edited by David LaRocca. University Press of Kentucky, 2014. 287-310. (Released as paperback in Fall, 2018.)  

with essay “Power of Memory and Memory of Power: War and Graves in Westerns and Jidaigeki” by Inger Sigrun Brodey

“LaRocca offers a synoptic anthology of essays that brings to our attention how war films can provoke contemplation and meditation because of the ways that such films inevitably focus on the mortality and vulnerability of human beings. The essays, written by an outstanding array of international scholars, work out various ways in which the genre can compel our thinking to become philosophical. This collection of essays constitute a significant contribution to not only the philosophy of the war film, but also to philosophy of film itself.”  — Daniel Flory, Montana State University

“Inger S.B. Brodey’s ‘The Power of Memory’ is … enjoyable as prose as well as its fascinating comparison of post-World War II films by John Ford and Akira Kurosawa. The similarities between cowboys and ronin as nostalgic symbols of a pre-industrial commercialized world are remarkable.”  — David Luhrssen

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