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Jane Austen & Co.

Jane Austen & Co. is a free public book group devoted to reading texts written by historical female authors. Part of the Jane Austen Summer Program, our mission is to bring innovative public humanities programming to local libraries within the Triangle Region of North Carolina and beyond. All of our programs are free and open to the public.

Jane Austen & Co. Web Series (Co-Director and Co-Host)

Starting in Summer 2020, Jane Austen & Co. presented a series of online webinars and discussions featuring experts on aspects of the material culture and domestic history of the Regency. This popular series, entitled "Staying Home with Jane Austen," ran from June - November 2020. The next web series "Race in the Regency" ran from January - May 2021. This latter series regularly drew 300-400 viewers from 4 and even 5 continents. Most events were recorded, and are available online at >

Race in the Regency” 9-part web series (January-May 2021):

Staying Home with Jane Austen 8-part web series (June-November 2020):

Featured Interviews:

"Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley", A Reading and Interview with the Playwrights (Dec.13, 2020) Watch Video > Jane Austen & Co interviews Sonia Kamal and Sonali Dev (June 4, 2020) "Food, Family and Identity in adaptations of Jane Austen". Watch Video >

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