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Rediscovering Natsume Soseki

with the first English translation of Travels in Manchuria and Korea, celebrating the centenary of Sōseki’s arrival in England 1900-1902

Co-edited and co-translated with Sammy Tsunematsu.
Folkestone, U.K: Global Oriental, 2001. 155 pages.

Rediscovering Natsume Sôseki (Global Press, 2000) includes the first English translation of Sôseki’s Mankan Tokoro Dokoro (Travels through Manchuria and Korea).

“First publication in English of Soseki’s travels through Manchuria on the then recently-acquired South Manchurian Railway. 6-week travelogue including boat from Osaka to Dairen, railway up the Liaodong Peninsular to Fushun. Many descriptions of Manchuria.”

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